‘Demand Justice’ Launches Campaign To Oppose Trump’s Historic Takeover Of Our Courts



May 3, 2018

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As Possible Supreme Court Fight Looms This Summer, New Advocacy Group Will Mount Ongoing Digital Advertising Effort Against Trump’s Controversial Judge Picks

WASHINGTON, DC—A group of former Obama administration officials, Capitol Hill aides and Hillary Clinton campaign veterans have formed a new advocacy organization called “Demand Justice” to rally progressives against Donald Trump’s historic takeover of the federal courts.

The new initiative comes amid increased speculation that President Trump may have the chance to make his second Supreme Court pick as soon as this summer. But even if no High Court vacancy arises, Republicans have already signaled their biggest priority in the Senate for the remainder of this year will be the speedy confirmation of Trump’s lower-court nominees.

When it comes to our courts, progressives have traditionally struggled to match conservatives in terms of either enthusiasm or resources. Demand Justice will try to shrink this gap by investing in a digital-first strategy that works to inform and mobilize progressive activists based on the deeply troubling consequences of Trump’s judicial takeover.

The leadership of Demand Justice includes Executive Director Brian Fallon, a former Justice Department official and top aide to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, and Chief Counsel Chris Kang, former Deputy White House Counsel who led the vetting of judicial nominations under President Obama. The group has hired Paige Herwig, former Justice Department lawyer and Deputy Counsel to Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Meagan Hatcher-Mays, former Counsel to Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Gabrielle McCaffrey, a former digital organizer for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, will lead Demand Justice’s online efforts, alongside Content Director Shannon Wurthman, Video Director Diana Bowen and Senior Creative Associate Taylor Casey.

“Progressives have successfully rallied against Trump on so many fronts, but now it’s time we organize against what he’s doing to our justice system. Trump’s takeover of the courts will extend his legacy of bigotry and greed far beyond his time in office. We are launching a new, digitally focused effort to confront him and rally progressives to protect our courts before it’s too late,” Fallon said.

“The most consequential fights for justice and equality are taking place in our courts,” Kang said. “President Trump already has appointed dozens of narrow-minded elitists, who will roll back decades of progress and protect the powerful, the wealthy and corporations. Demand Justice is enlisting progressives to push back on these lifetime appointments before it’s too late.”

The threat Trump poses to our courts is serious. In 2017, he successfully appointed Neil Gorsuch to a Supreme Court seat that should have been filled by President Obama, and also set a record for federal appellate court judges confirmed in a president’s first year. Trump and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell have not slowed down at all in 2018, either. Trump has called his effort to remake his judiciary “country-changing.” McConnell has openly admitted his goal in moving these nominees so quickly is to move America “right of center.”

Trump’s nominees are overwhelmingly white, male, and extreme in their views. Trump nominees consistently favor big corporations over workers, wish to restrict women’s access to reproductive health services and would deny equal treatment to LGBTQ Americans. Trump’s judges also have a clear record of bigoted views when it comes to race. His nominees have defended voter suppression tactics, promoted the racist birther conspiracy against former President Obama, and even defended the Ku Klux Klan. His picks won’t even say they agree with the historic Brown vs. Board of Education decision by the Supreme Court that led to the desegregation of our nation’s schools.

Demand Justice plans to wage individual advertising campaigns against some of the worst of these nominees in order to bolster Democratic senators to resist Republicans’ efforts to jam Trump’s picks through.

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