Republicans in Washington have hijacked the Supreme Court.

First, they stole a Supreme Court seat from President Obama. Then, they changed a 70-year-old rule to install two of Donald Trump’s far-right justices, including Brett Kavanaugh, who faced multiple sexual assault allegations.

Now, this politicized Supreme Court is rubber stamping Trump’s policies and undermining the rule of law by overturning its own decades-old precedents. Under this Court, Roe v. Wade is in permanent danger — and that is just one of our many rights under threat.

Even if a Democrat wins the White House in 2020, our progressive values aren’t safe. We simply cannot accept a status quo that presents such a permanent threat to women’s reproductive freedoms, civil rights for people of color, economic justice for workers and their families, LGBTQ equality, environmental justice, common-sense measures to prevent gun violence, and our democracy itself.

The Supreme Court is unbalanced, overly politicized, and unaccountable. But the good news is we’re seeing more activism than ever before and there IS something we can do.

If you agree that the Supreme Court is in need of major change, join us in calling for these reforms now.

  1. Add justices to restore balance to the Supreme Court: Ensure that the next Democratic president can nominate justices to balance out Trump’s ideologically extreme picks.
  2. Enact term limits to depoliticize confirmations: Standardize the time any justice can serve on the Court and take the politics out of when the next vacancy will occur.
  3. Mandate accountability and transparency for the Supreme Court: Pass a code of ethics and other transparency measures for the Supreme Court.

As many as two-thirds of voters already support some of these ideas, and they are gaining steam from national voices, too.

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